• A great contractor, like Bill, does work that satisfies his customer AND himself.

    Good roofing contractors do work that satisfies their customers. A great contractor, like Bill, does work that satisfies his customer AND himself. A baked-in sense of personal pride -- it's what sets Bill and his crew apart from others. I've been through a few and I know. You may be happy with their work, but for Bill to be happy, it must pass your test and his much higher standard. My family sleeps well (and dry) because we can depend on the roof Bill Ragan's team put over our heads. Bill sleeps well, too.

    - S.R.

  • They gave me an honest review of our roof and we only needed a minor repair!

    Bill came to evaluate a roof leak at my house. He told me there was plenty of life remaining in the shingles and flashings and only a minor repair was needed. That’s integrity.

    - Jay Lowenthal, Broker

  • We would recommend Bill Ragan Roofing to anyone!

    We found that Bill was very easy to work with. The job was done on time and with more value for the cost than was available from other bidders. Since then, we have referred two other homeowners to contact Bill because of potential hail damage. One of them was encouraged to obtain an evaluation by their insurance company and a claim was approved. My understanding is that Bill will get the job. The other was told that there was 5-8 years of life remaining and that the hail damage was minimal. Honest evaluations and recommendations are often difficult to obtain anymore. We would recommend him to anyone.

    - Eugene & Angela Leach

  • This is truly a quality company. We would highly recommend them!

    The project at our farm covered five buildings and two Gazebo type structures. The plan was for all of the buildings to be very similar in the roof types. A standing seam green roof was selected with copper gutters and downspouts. Bill Ragan completed the job on time, on budget, and with excellent craftsmanship. Whenever there was a warranty problem, Bill Ragan and his company were there immediately; only rarely did they send a bill. When we had a storm and a sheer wind took off a ridge vent, I called Bill Ragan. They made the one hour trip and replaced the ridge vent before the interior of the house got wet. This is truly a quality company. We would recommend them highly!

    - Emily and Hill McAlister

    Nashville Sash & Door Co.

  • I have been using Bill Ragan and his company for many years and wouldn’t use any other company.

    I have been using Bill Ragan and his company for many years and wouldn’t use any other company. In my opinion Bill Ragan and his company is the best in town. I have recommended them to many friends and clients and everyone has told me that they have been pleased. Bill has always stood behind his work and his crews are clean and efficient. They have always left my yard very tidy and free of nails and debris. Price wise I have always found Bill Ragan and his company to be very competitive. Bill takes personal interest in the job and sees that his customers are satisfied. It can be extremely difficult to choose a style and/or color of roof. Bill is excellent at giving his customers guidance in choosing the right product for their style house. He will be the first to tell you that you don’t need a new roof just a minor repair. Bill Ragan and his company is a full service company which is hard to find these days. Bill went as far as to find me a great gutter company when I needed one. He even personally cleaned my skylights.

    - Joan Pinkley, Christianson, Patterson, Courtney and Associates

  • Bill Ragan and his company are always my 1st call!

    Bill Ragan and his company is always my first call whenever I have any roofing or related needs, both for myself personally and for clients. Bill and the rest of the crew always go the extra mile to respond quickly. Bill Ragan and his company is my first call, not only because of the quick response time, but also because the work is fantastic, and the price more than reasonable. I will continue to recommend them to my real estate clients and to call them again for our personal needs. Bill Ragan has not only done work for my clients for years, but has also replaced skylights and roofing at our personal home, replaced a roof on one of our rental properties, reroofed our son’s house, and given quality work to all my clients that have used them.

    - Anne McGugin Fridrich & Clark Realty


  • Bill Ragan is definitely on our team.

    We are pleased to recommend Bill Ragan and his company for roof repair and replacement services. They have worked with us for almost 20 years, performing roof repairs and installing replacement roofs on two residences. They perform excellent service, always on time and on budget. They helped us with the insurance adjuster for wind damage and made sure the roof didn’t leak while we waited for repairs. Bill Ragan is definitely on our team.

    - Merwin and Crystal Ullestead

  • I will be depending on them for my future roofing needs.

    It’s rare to find a roofing company that will do repairs, as replacements are far more profitable. So when I heard about Bill Ragan Roofing, I was excited. Their philosophy is to repair the roof when possible. My roof is less than 5 years old, so a full replacement for just a few minor issues would be a real shame. I had two other roofing companies tell me I needed it replaced. Bill Ragan Roofing came out and provided a not to exceed quote of $300, then when they did the actual work it was not as bad as expected and so they only charged me $225. In addition, they did not charge for the pipe collars. The person they sent out was very knowledgeable about roofs, what could go wrong, and how to fix them. I will be depending on them for my future roofing needs.

    - G. Lovett

  • The roof looks amazing and is the best looking roof in the neighborhood.

    It was an easy and effortless experience. It was through an insurance claim but I picked this company after much research. They had an excellent reputation and I liked that they used nail and hammer rather than nail guns. Their team was well trained in a proper nail hammer. I wanted a nail hammer because nail guns can cause damage to the new roof. They were extremely efficient, clean, and polite. They worked tirelessly until the roof was done. The roof looks amazing and is the best looking roof in the neighborhood. I have recommended them highly. Because we have dogs, they went over our back yard three times with a magnet to make sure there was not one nail left and there was not.

    - Lisa Strickland

  • Excellent job.

    Excellent job. Supervisor checked after completion and found something that I wouldn’t have noticed and got it corrected.

    - B. Oppenheimer

  • I cannot say enough about the great service I received from Bill Ragan.

    I cannot say enough about the great service I received from Bill Ragan. He was prompt in his follow-up calls and prompt to the job site. He provided more service than I anticipated. Great Service, Great Value, Great Provider!

    - Jimmy Pilkerton

  • Excellent Experience & Highly Recommend

    It was an excellent experience. It’s been years that they have been out here. They put on a roof probably five years ago. They were excellent. We had a new roof and there was insurance involved in it. I do recommend them because they do excellent work. They did a perfect job and we haven’t had any problem.

    - Arthur Lee

  • They Stand Behind Their Product!

    Bill inspected my roof, which he installed in 2004, to determine where a leak was coming from and fixed the problem. Bill promptly determined the problem and fixed it. He didn’t charge me a dime because, as he stated, “we stand behind our product”. Bill is a genuinely nice guy and I recommend him to anyone I know that needs a new roof.

    - Laila Poole

  • They are honorable and have a good reputation.

    They put on a whole new roof. They also installed new gutters. We have an architectural shingle roof. He was great and the crew did a great job. They are honorable and have a good reputation. They got the job done in about 3 days. The cleanup was great and they cleaned up everything really well. The crew were all super nice and very good. We had a contract with them and they lived up to the contract. They are very good business people.

    - Lee Wall

  • I recommend them without reservation!

    Everything went great as soon as I contacted Bill Ragan Roofing. I had received estimates from two other roofing companies but was having trouble picking a shingle. Both of the other roofers showed little to no interest in helping me locate a house with my particular brick and never followed up after dropping off samples of available shingles. Bill Ragan went out of his way to help me pick a shingle and drove to two houses I had spotted to tell me what shingles were on the house. He also cheerfully came out and nailed up several samples of four different shingles for me to view over a few days. He always followed through on promises, took the time to answer all my questions, and couldn’t have been more helpful. His estimate was also lower than both of my previous estimates. His employees were professional and courteous and did a great job installing my new roof. I recommend him without reservation and have complete confidence that he will be available for routine repairs going forward.

    - Linda Kelley

  • Customer Satisfaction Is #1

    Bill is great! He put a new roof on for me several years ago. He gave me a good price, the work was done well. I had to call him earlier this year to see about a few shingles that were loose. He came out personally, and fixed them immediately. He is so friendly, professional and helpful. He is not satisfied unless his customer is satisfied. I recommend him highly! His work ethic is great. He genuinely cares about doing a good job in a timely manner at a good price. I can’t say enough good things about him or his work!

    - Susan Kimmel

  • I’m Crazy About Bill Ragan Roofing!

    I’m crazy about Bill Ragan. I think he runs a great company, and I’ll continue to use them as needed. I’d definitely give them my recommendation.

    - Margaret Moody

  • Bill Ragan Always Is Great!

    Replaced roof, hauled away all debris, and replaced all gutters. Also replaced a metal roof on my garage. It took a little while to get him out but it was worth the wait. He was extremely busy due to a major storm in my area. He came when he said he would and did a great job. He also replaced my son’s roof next door and he too was very pleased.

    - Ann Moore