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    Residential Roofing Field Supervisor

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    Job Description: Residential Roofing Field Supervisor

    Salary: $45k to $60k (dependent on experience)

    Benefits: 401K matching, PTO, health share reimbursement.

    We are seeking a highly motivated and driven Residential Roofing Field Supervisor to join our team. If you are someone who thrives on challenges and is looking for a position with a company that has a growth mindset and values excellence as a core principle, then this role is for you.

    As a Driven Residential Roofing Field Supervisor, you will play a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of residential roofing projects. Your commitment to delivering exceptional results and driving continuous improvement will be instrumental in our company's success.


    1. Material Ordering and Coordination:

    - Take ownership of material ordering, ensuring timely delivery to job sites while maintaining a keen eye on cost-effectiveness and quality.

    - Collaborate with suppliers and vendors to establish strong relationships and negotiate favorable terms.

    - Seek continuous improvement by staying updated on the latest roofing materials and technologies, exploring innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and quality.

    2. Crew Coordination and Job Setup:

    - Lead by example and inspire the roofing crew with your unwavering commitment to excellence and a growth mindset.

    - Facilitate seamless job setup by effectively communicating job requirements, plans, and safety protocols.

    - Mentor and coach team members, fostering their professional growth and providing opportunities for them to develop new skills and expertise.

    3. Job Scheduling and Timeline Management:
    - Develop and execute detailed project schedules, taking into account project complexity, resource availability, and client expectations.

    - Continuously enhance your project management skills through training programs, industry seminars, and collaboration with experienced professionals.

    - Explore opportunities to lead larger and more complex projects, honing your leadership abilities and expanding your project management capabilities.

    4. Quality Control and Assurance:

    - Set high standards for workmanship, safety, and compliance, and lead by example in delivering exceptional quality.

    - Conduct rigorous quality inspections, identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing corrective actions.

    - Stay updated with industry advancements and best practices, seeking certifications and training to enhance your knowledge and expertise in quality control.

    5. Site Visits and Driving:
    - Embrace the opportunity to visit job sites, engaging with the team, and providing hands-on support and guidance.

    - Participate in industry conferences, workshops, and networking events to stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices.

    - Collaborate with colleagues and industry experts to share knowledge, gain insights, and develop a well-rounded skill set.

    6. Professional Growth and Development:

    - Actively participate in performance evaluations and goal-setting sessions to identify areas for growth and development.

    - Take advantage of our company's ongoing training and development programs, which may include technical training, leadership development, and industry certifications.

    - Seek out mentorship opportunities within the company to learn from seasoned professionals and gain valuable insights into the roofing industry.

    - Stay updated with the latest industry trends, regulations, and advancements through continuous learning and professional development activities.


    • High school diploma or equivalent; additional relevant certifications or training in roofing or construction is a plus.

    • Proven experience in residential roofing, with a track record of driving success and exceeding expectations.

    • Strong leadership skills, self-motivation, and a relentless drive for personal and professional growth.

    • Exceptional organizational abilities, attention to detail, and a solutions-oriented mindset.

    • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, inspiring and motivating team members to deliver their best work.

    • Demonstrated commitment to excellence, constantly seeking ways to improve processes and achieve outstanding results.

    • A valid driver's license and a clean driving record.

    • Willingness to travel between job sites as required.

    Join our team at Bill Ragan Roofing Company and embark on a challenging and rewarding journey with a company that values your growth and development. We provide a supportive work environment, encourage innovation, and invest in our employee's professional growth.

    As you excel in your role, you will have opportunities to take on greater responsibilities, expand your skills, and progress within the company. 

    Apply Now and be part of our team that believes in fostering your ongoing growth and development!

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