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Your low slope roof isn’t like other roofs. A roof is considered a low slope when the roof’s pitch (steepness) is below a 2:12. This means your roof is less than 2 vertical units (inches or feet) up for every 12 horizontal units out.

It’s not steep enough, per the shingle manufacturers or codes, to put shingles on it. This means you have to rely on other roofing materials

That’s why you have to hire a Nashville roofing contractor that has the knowledge and experience necessary to take care of your low slope roof. No matter if you have a commercial space or your own home, we’re confident we can take care of your low slope roof.

Your roof options for your low slope roof

Because shingles can’t be installed on low slope roofs you won’t be able to get the commonly used asphalt shingles. However, there are still great options for your low slope roof.

Membrane Roof Systems

There are three types of membrane roof systems: EPDM, PVC, and TPO. All three have their place in residential roofing. It all depends on the look you want and what rooms are directly below the roof.


low slope roof membrane


Metal Roof Systems

The other options for low slope roofs (especially in commercial) is a standing seam metal roof and screw-down metal panel roof. If you’re considering a metal roof for your low slope roof, I recommend going with a standing seam metal roof system to handle the expansion and contraction of the metal.

low slope roof standing seam


Ready to take care of your low slope roof?

If you need commercial or residential repairs or a full replacement, we’re confident our low slope roofing services will get the job done. Our Nashville roofing company is here to advise and help you understand all of your low slope options.

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