Roofing terms and definitions explained

The most confusing part of researching for your roofing project is seeing all the new terms. That's why we made this video covering all the common terms you'll hear and see as you go through your roof repairs or roof replacement. 

Below are timestamps if you want to jump to the specific roofing term you're looking for. 

0:39 Roof Decking/Sheathing
0:58 Roof Flashing
1:17 Roof Underlayment
1:27 Ice and Water Shield
1:40 Rakes and Eaves
1:50 Roof Facets
2:01 Roofing Square
2:10 Prorated and Nonprorated
2:29 Roof Valleys and Hips
2:41 Gable
2:54 Drip Edge
3:07 Fascia
3:18 Soffit
3:31 Dormer
3:41 Starter Shingles
3:50 Roof Pitch
4:08 Caulk
4:18 Cricket
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