Why it's important to have your gutters cleaned

The trees are almost bare of their leaves. Now is the time to have your gutters cleaned. Cleaning out gutters is dirty work, but it is probably the most important preventative roof maintenance items you can do. 

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Hand Nailing vs. Air Nailing; Which is Best

Nashville is a beautiful city that's growing exponentially. With that being said, we have all seen the massive amount of new construction that is going up all across the city and all of the renovations going on bringing old properties into the new style curve. If you're building a house or...

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The 6 Fall Season Roof Maintenance Must Do's

All roofs regardless of age, require maintenance. The fall season is the perfect time to do such maintenance and get your roof ready for the upcoming winter months. Below is my list of the six most important.

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It's important to know how long a roofing company has been in business

When searching for a quality roofing company, one question you should alway ask is how long have they been in business.  A lot of roofing companies are started by employees of other roofing companies and unfortunately, many of these new companies fail with in the first 5 years because they don't...

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