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Flat Roof | Video

Everything You Need to Know About Flat Roofing

August 4th, 2022 | 1 min. read

Everything You Need to Know About Flat Roofing

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Everything you need to know about flat roofing

Flat roofing is a little different than a normal pitched roof. While it's different, it's also less common for a home to have a flat roof area. 

Because of this, most homeowners don't have the information they need when it's time for a flat roof replacement. This leads to frustration, confusion, and can even lead to a roofing contractor taking advantage of you. 

This is the last thing I want to happen to you and your flat roof investment. That's why I want to use the 30-plus years of Bill Ragan Roofing's industry knowledge to break down everything you need to know about flat roofing. 

This video covers the following:

  • What is a flat roof?
  • What are the types of flat roofing materials?
  • How long do flat roofs last?
  • How much do flat roofs cost?

By the end of this video, you'll have all the information you need about a flat roof replacement. After watching this video, don't forget to check out Everything You Need to Know About Copper Roofing to continue learning about this premium roofing material. 

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