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Metal Roof

Is a Metal Roof a Good Investment?

October 2nd, 2023 | 6 min. read

Is a Metal Roof a Good Investment?

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Metal roofing is becoming more popular in the residential roofing industry by the day. But jumping on the metal roof train isn’t cheap. 

The truth is a metal roof is a large investment that causes sticker shock for many homeowners. Not only does this disqualify a lot of budgets, but it leaves others wondering if a metal roof is even worth the high upfront cost. 

For over 30 years, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has helped homeowners find the right roofing material for their budget, style, and needs. That’s why I’ll give you the information needed to determine if a metal roof is a good investment.

This article answers the following questions:

  • Is a metal roof a good investment?
  • What’s the actual ROI on a metal roof?

Is a metal roof a good investment?

A metal roof is well worth the investment if you have the budget. There’s a reason metal is becoming an extremely popular roofing material in the residential roofing industry. 

standing seam metal roof

Now, I don’t expect you to just take my word for it. So, let’s look at why a metal roof is a good investment. 

There are plenty of metal options

The first reason a metal roof is a good investment is all the metal options. The great thing is that all the metals have pros and cons, but there’s really no bad option.

copper standing seam metal roof(Copper standing metal roof)

Below are the most common types of metal used for metal roofing:

  • Steel metal roofing
  • Aluminum metal roofing
  • Copper metal roofing
  • Stainless steel metal roofing
  • Zinc metal roofing

You’ll choose based on budget, personal style preferences, and how much life you want to get out of your metal roof. However, you’ll also need to consider how certain metals react to different climates. 

Metal roofing is long-lasting

The biggest reason why a metal roof is worth the investment is its durability and lifespan. You’ll get at least 30 years out of a properly installed steel or aluminum standing seam metal roof and even up to 50 years under ideal conditions. 

However, premium metals like copper, stainless steel, and zinc will last well over 50. In the roofing industry, these are considered lifetime materials because they won’t need replacing in most lifetimes after installation.

Metal roofing has high curb appeal

Getting a full standing seam metal roof system dramatically increases your home’s curb appeal. Metal roofing’s look and style are a big reason why many homeowners think it's worth the investment. 

standing seam metal roof

Now, I understand looks are subjective, and everyone has different tastes. However, a standing seam metal roof system is proven to have a higher curb appeal than the commonly used 3-tab or architectural asphalt shingles.

Metal roofing is energy-efficient 

Metal roofs are reflective, which reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the sun. Because it’s not absorbing as much heat, it’s easier on your AC unit and your energy bills. 

This energy efficiency is just another reason a metal roof is a good investment. Just know that the energy efficiency of a specific metal roof depends on the type of metal, color, roof coatings, and your local climate.

Metal roofing doesn’t require much maintenance

Every roof needs maintenance during its life. The great thing about metal roofing is that it doesn’t require as much maintenance as the other material options.

A standing seam metal roof is virtually maintenance-free after installation. While it doesn’t need as much maintenance, I still recommend checking around penetrations, like vent pipes, gas pipes, etc., every year or two.

screws in a screw down metal roof that need to be replaced(Screws that need to be replaced during maintenance)

Just know that screw-down panel systems (also called exposed fastener) require regular maintenance to prevent leaks. This is the main reason a standing seam metal roof is the recommended metal roof for residential roofing

What’s the actual ROI on a metal roof?

Now you know why a metal roof is worth the investment. But I understand some people need numbers and a clear ROI to make a decision. 

In roofing terms, the return on investment for a metal roof is its long lifespan and durability. However, metal roofing does have monetary ROI if or when selling your home. 

According to the 2023 COST VS VALUE REPORT, the national average recouped cost on a standing seam metal roof is 48.9% of the original price. This means (as of 2023) you would get almost 50% of the original cost back when selling your home.

Going back to the report above, the 2023 national average cost for a standing seam metal roof system is $47,414. At this price, you can expect to get around $23,163 back when selling your home. 

Keep in mind that this percentage fluctuates yearly, so it’ll be different down the road. However, you’ll always recoup some of the metal roof’s original cost when selling your home.

How much will your metal roof cost?

After reading this article, you should have a good idea if a metal roof is a good investment. In my professional opinion, it’s hard to beat a quality standing seam metal roof.

But the truth is metal roofing isn’t right for everyone. Some don’t like the noise when rain hits the metal or the potential for oil canning

However, cost is the one thing that immediately tells homeowners whether or not a metal roof is right for them. As you saw in the last section with the national average, a metal roof is an incredibly expensive roofing material. 

However, no two roofs are the same, so no two metal roofs will cost the same. That’s why we created a roof cost calculator that gives you the budget you’ll need for a metal roof based on your roof’s style and square footage. 

If you’re local to Nashville or a surrounding Middle Tennessee area, don’t hesitate to Contact Us to get a metal roof that your grandkids have to worry about.

Use The Roof Cost Calculator to learn if a metal roof is within your budget to determine if it's right for you.

roof cost calculator

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