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Roof Maintenance | Cedar Shake Roof

Does a Cedar Shake Roof Need Maintenance?

September 27th, 2021 | 5 min. read

Does a Cedar Shake Roof Need Maintenance?

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You invested a lot of your hard-earned money into your cedar shake roof. Don’t you want it to last as long as possible? 

You probably think that’s a pretty dumb question because, of course, you want it to last. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many homeowners have expensive problems or their cedar shake roof’s life cut short for one simple reason: they neglected it. 

Over our 30 years in the roofing industry, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has seen cedar shake roof investments ruined because they weren’t maintained. To help you avoid this happening to your investment, we’re going to help you understand cedar shake roof maintenance. 

Let’s get to why your cedar shake roof needs maintenance and 3 reasons you need a maintenance program no matter the age of your roof. 

Does a cedar shake roof need maintenance?

Just like every type of roofing material, a cedar shake roof needs maintenance. Whether it’s once or twice a year, roof maintenance ensures you get the most out of your cedar shake roof investment.

cedar shake roof maintenance

But why is cedar shake roof maintenance so important

Getting maintenance is a chance to catch potential problems with your wooden shingles before you end up with a roof leak. The last thing you want to pay for is major repairs when maintenance could have caught the problem before it spiraled out of control. 

Maintenance is also a chance to clear your cedar shake roof and gutters of any debris. This helps you avoid wet debris sitting on your cedar shake roof, which shortens the lifespan of your wooden shingles. 

Because of these reasons, it’s absolutely crucial to keep your roof running smoothly throughout its life with roof maintenance. 

3 reasons you need a maintenance program for your cedar shake roof

You just learned it’s important to have your cedar shake roof periodically checked over. But did you know that roofing contractors have maintenance programs?

No matter if you just got a cedar shake roof or you have one that’s 15 years old, let’s get to the 3 reasons you need a maintenance program.

1. Your cedar shake roof investment is maximized with a roof maintenance program 

A cedar shake roof is one of the most expensive roofs on the market today. That’s why we think of a new cedar shake roof as an investment. 

Just like other investments, you expect to get back what you put in or more. For a cedar shake (and every other roof), that return on investment is the number of years you get out of it. 

With a roof maintenance program, you can be sure cedar shake roof investment is maximized. Of course, some things will cause your roof not to reach its maximum lifespan, like if your roof wasn’t installed correctly or the roofing materials fail prematurely. 

But as long as the installers do their job right, a maintenance program ensures your cedar shake roof investment will be maximized.

2. Roof maintenance programs come with other perks 

Preventing future problems and maximizing your cedar shake roof investment are great reasons to get a maintenance program. However, it should come with perks and incentives to make the deal even sweeter. 

The perks won’t be the exact same from company to company because every roof maintenance program is different. However, I can give you an idea based on what our roof maintenance program (The Overhead Care Club) offers homeowners:

  • Annual 19-point checkup and attic analysis
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty on all repairs
  • Priority appointments
  • 10% discount on all future repairs

Our perks and incentives won’t be the exact same as other roofing companies in Nashville or around the country. However, it gives you an idea of what you get when signing up for a roof maintenance program. 

3. A roof maintenance program gives you peace of mind

No one wants to spend time or energy thinking about their roof or potential problems that could pop every time it rains. With a roof maintenance program, you get peace of mind knowing your cedar shake roof is protected, and if there is a problem, it’ll be taken care of. 

During your maintenance inspection, the roofing contractor will either catch problems or give your cedar shake roof a clean bill of health. Even if they find a potential problem, then at least it was caught before it has the chance to become a serious leak. 

After your maintenance inspection is completed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything checked out alright or all your roof’s issues are going to be taken care of. And the next time a big storm hits, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t have leaks. 

How long does a cedar shake roof last?

Now you know 3 great reasons your cedar shake roof should be on a maintenance program. While it does cost money upfront, it’ll end up saving you more money in the long run. 

Whether you just got a cedar shake roof installed or it’s 15 years old, you need to get it maintained. Even if you don’t want to sign up for a maintenance program, at least call your roofing contractor to come out every year for an inspection. 

Remember, roof maintenance maximizes your cedar shake investment. But even if it’s maximized, how long will your cedar shake roof actually last?

To help you even further understand your future or current cedar shake roof, we wrote another article breaking down the lifespan and what impacts it. 

Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided roof repairs, roof replacements (including cedar shake), maintenance, and more to homeowners in Nashville and surrounding areas. No matter what service you need, you can count on our skilled and educated staff to take care of you and your roof for decades to come. 

To learn how much life you’ll get out of your cedar shake investment, check out How Long a Cedar Shake Roof Lasts.

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