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Why It's Important to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

September 1st, 2020 | 4 min. read

Why It's Important to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

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Are your gutters overflowing with water every time it rains? Are you seeing things growing in your gutters? 

If so, then your gutters need to be cleaned. But why does cleaning your gutters matter to you? 

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has been providing high-quality gutter services in the Nashville area since 1990. We know what it takes to maintain your overflowing gutters. Whether you need a new roof or just gutter cleaning, we’re here for you. 

So, why should you have your gutter cleaned? Always eager to educate the public, I’m going to answer that question and more. 

By the end of this article, learn why you should have your gutters cleaned, how often they should be cleaned, and if you should clean them yourself. 

Why is it important to have your gutters cleaned?

Gutters control where the water goes after it leaves your roof. However, when they're full of debris, the water has nowhere to go. 

When this happens, it can lead to a variety of costly problems. This makes getting your gutters cleaned out crucial to avoid paying for costly repairs. 

Below are 4 of the common problems associated with overfull gutters:

  1. Water overflows the sides and washes out the area around your foundation, eventually causing cracks. This also causes unsightly staining on wherever the water is overflowing. 

  2. The debris in your gutters will stay moist and creates a great place for mold and mildew to thrive.

  3. Your gutters could actually pull away from your home because they become too heavy for the hangers to hold them. This leaves a gap for water to saturate your exterior walls and also to enter the interior of your home. If left unattended, the gutters will eventually pull completely away, and the damage caused by this can be very expensive to repair. 

  4. Rotting wood is also caused by not cleaning out your gutters. Water that overflows the gutters can rot the soffit under it and the decking on the roof. It can also accelerate the rotting of wood around your windows. If left unattended, it can also attract termites as well as other insects and critters because of the moisture.

All of these problems won’t happen overnight. However, leaving your gutters full of debris will lead to expensive repairs down the road. Getting your gutters cleaned out periodically will prevent or catch these problems before they get out of hand.

How often should you have your gutters cleaned out?

Now you know why it’s important to have your gutters cleaned out. But how often should you have them cleaned? I would recommend they’re cleaned out at least once or twice a year. 

The best time to do this is late fall after all the leaves have fallen and late spring to clean out anything that may have found its way into your gutters. Your local roofing contractor cleaning out your gutters is a crucial part of getting regular roof maintenance. 

To learn more about why you should get maintenance for both your gutters and roof, read this article on why roof maintenance is important

Can you clean your own gutters? 

As you were going through this article, you’re probably wondering if you can clean your own gutters. Of course you can clean your own gutters, but I recommend you hire someone to do it.

What's great about doing it yourself is that you won't have to pay someone to do it for you. However, anytime you step on a ladder you're taking a huge risk with your safety.  

Being on a ladder is dangerous, and in a lot of instances, should be left to a professional to do. Especially if you’re not used to being on one.

If you do plan on cleaning your gutters yourself, make sure your ladder is safe and is fully functioning. Make sure none of the ladder rungs are cracked and that you place the ladder on a firm and level surface. Most importantly, don't place it against the gutters because your weight will crush them.

If you decide to hire someone to take care of your gutters, it’s crucial to hire a Nashville roofing company with a great reputation. To find a great roofing contractor in the Nashville area, read this article on the 4 qualities to look for in a Nashville roofing contractor

What else can a roofing contractor do with gutters?

Now you know why you should have gutters cleaned. Getting them cleaned once or twice a year will save you from having to pay for expensive repairs down the road.  

If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, don’t take the risk of cleaning your gutters. Go ahead and hire a reputable roofing contractor to do it for you. 

So, you now know a roofing contractor can clean your gutters. Are you curious about what else a roofing company can do with your gutters? If so, you’re not alone. 

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has been providing high-quality gutter and roofing services to the residents of Nashville since 1990. We always clean your gutters when we come out to perform your maintenance exam. When you work with us, you’ll never worry about your roof again

To learn more about everything your local roofer can do with your gutters, read this article on Can a Roofing Contractor Install Your Gutters

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