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Roof Replacement | Nashville, Tennessee

When to Replace Your Roof in Tennessee (7 Signs You Need One)

November 24th, 2023 | 10 min. read

When to Replace Your Roof in Tennessee (7 Signs You Need One)

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You don't think about getting a roof replacement on your Tennessee home until something happens. Unfortunately, this usually means damaging leaks that cause costly problems. 

This is all avoided by simply knowing when you should replace your roof in Tennessee before it gets to this point. But saying “when” is a loaded question that really needs to be answered in three parts to get the full picture. 

For over 30 years, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided homeowners in Nashville, Tennessee, with transparent advice and information, even if they don’t become customers. That’s why I’ll help you determine when to replace your roof.

This article answers the following questions about replacing your roof in Tennessee:

  • How often do you have to replace a roof in Tennessee?
  • 7 signs that you need to replace your roof in Tennessee
  • When should you replace your roof in Tennessee?

How often do you have to replace a roof in Tennessee?

A roof isn’t meant to be replaced often in Tennessee or any other state. If your roof was properly installed, your attic is adequately ventilated, and with maintenance, it will get as close as possible to the maximum lifespan. 

This means you shouldn’t have to replace your roof in Tennessee for around 20 years or even up to around 50 years (or longer), depending on the roofing material. Unfortunately, circumstances like premature roof failure and storm damage lead to replacing a roof earlier than expected. 

However, a roof should only need replacing every 20 years or so as long as you hire a reputable roofer and invest in quality products. 

7 signs that you need to replace your roof in Tennessee

As I said, a properly installed roof won’t need to be replaced in Tennessee until the end of its lifespan. While you won’t truly know if you need a replacement until you get an inspection, there are signs that it’s time for a new roof. 

Let’s look at the signs that it’s time to replace a roof in Tennessee. 

1. Your roof continuously leaks

If your roof continuously leaks and requires frequent repairs, it’s improperly installed or has reached its maximum lifespan. This is especially true if you have an older roof that keeps leaking. 

Now, you don’t need a roof replacement for simple leaks caused by common problems such as nail pops or a cracked pipe boot. It’s even possible to experience multiple repairs on a single issue. 

However, experiencing frequent roof leaks in different areas is a sign of a larger problem. That’s why the only solution for a roof with continuous leaks (especially an older one) is a complete (or sometimes partial) replacement.

2. Cracked, curling, or missing asphalt shingles

Finding curling, cracked, and/or missing shingles are the next signs that you need to replace your roof. Most of the time, this means your roof has reached the end of its lifespan. 

cracked asphalt shingles

However, these issues can also be caused by improper installation or inadequate attic ventilation. Wind damage can also cause missing asphalt shingles. 

Luckily, insurance could pay for a roof replacement if wind damage causes missing shingles with an RVC policy

3. Your roof has storm damage

Speaking of storm damage, one of the biggest reasons roofs get replaced in Tennessee is due to storm damage. If the straight-line winds that frequent Tennessee come through and rip up your shingles or cause a tree to fall on your roof, you’ll clearly need a new one. 

missing asphalt shingles caused by wind damage

The same goes for strong hail storms that damage your shingles and shorten their lifespan. While wind damage is more obvious, hail damage is harder to spot without an untrained eye. 

hail damage to asphalt shingles

However, you can spot potential hail damage by looking at the following areas around your property after a storm: 

  • Downspouts (Above 5 feet, so it can’t be blamed on a lawnmower)
  • Dings or strikes to your garage door
  • Holes in your window screens 
  • Dings to any painted wood or shutters 
  • Splatter marks or dings to your electric meter, AC unit, or grill 
  • Dents to your mailbox and other soft metals on your property
  • Dents on the top of your car and the car’s hood

If you notice hail dings or dents on these things, there’s a good chance your roof has damage as well. If your roof has storm damage, you’ll go through the homeowners insurance process to replace it.

4. There’s vegetation growth on your roof

Moss or other vegetation growth is a big sign that your roof is on the older side, and it’s time to start considering a replacement. Moss growth on roof areas that don’t get enough sunlight is also possible.  

moss and algae growth on asphalt shingles

However, moss growing on shingles will shorten their lifespan. You may also notice black streaks caused by algae growth on a 10 to 15-year-old roof. 

While the black streaks don’t look great, it doesn’t necessarily mean your roof needs to be replaced right away. However, it does mean your roof is starting to get on the older side. 

5. Finding granules on the ground or gutters

Granules are pieces of asphalt embedded in shingles for fire resistance, color, and UV ray protection. They are crucial to the longevity of an asphalt roof, and losing them is a sign that you need a roof replacement. 

loose granules on ground and in gutters

You’ll notice this sign when you find granules on the ground by downspouts or in your gutters. While it’s natural to lose them as your roof gets older, hail also leads to granular loss.

That’s why it’s common to find gutters full of granules after a hail storm hits the Tennessee area. 

6. Finding discolored decking in your attic

If there’s discoloration on the bottom of the decking in your attic, water got underneath your roofing materials and soaked through the wood. Finding this means you need a roof replacement or, at the very least, extensive and costly repairs.

discoloration on bottom of roof decking

This could be from improper installation or the roofing materials maxing out, but either way, the structural integrity is compromised. Waiting too long could even lead to sagging or a cave-in if it’s bad enough.

7. Other houses in your neighborhood are getting new roofs

Many homes and neighborhoods in Tennessee were built around the same time. So, if your neighbors are getting their roofs replaced, it may be time to replace yours, too. 

Also, take note of any roof replacements after a strong thunderstorm. This most likely means your neighbors had a viable insurance claim

While there’s no guarantee that your roof is also damaged, contacting a roofer and your insurance company for an inspection is a good idea.

When should you replace your roof in Tennessee?

Because of the weather we experience in Nashville and the rest of Tennessee, roofing contractors can replace roofs all year. So, you should replace your roof when you need one, no matter the time of year. 

However, every season impacts the ability to work differently. There are certain times of the year when it’s better and more efficient to replace your roof in Tennessee.


Summer is the most popular season for roof replacements in Tennessee and home improvement projects in general. It’s great for roofing due to the warmer, drier weather. 

The days are longer, too, so there’s more time for the crew to work. However, summer does come with hotter temperatures, and the humidity in Tennessee is brutal. 

Depending on how hot it is, it can slow down progress as the day goes on. It can even make conditions unworkable or even dangerous for your roofing contractor.


Behind summer, spring is the second most popular time for replacements in Tennessee. Our springs provide an ideal time to replace roofs without extreme temperatures. 

However, it also brings frequent rain showers, which can delay roofing work. This can push back or even delay your roof replacement until the weather is drier and the roof is safer to work on. 

With the winter weather gone and temperatures rising, spring starts ramping up the year for roofing contractors. So, keep in mind that roofers in Tennessee start to book up during this time. 


While spring and summer are the most popular seasons for roof replacements, fall is usually a roofing contractor's busiest season. This is mainly due to the summer storms we get here in Tennessee damaging roofs. 

This is also when storm chasers come into our area trying to capitalize on insurance work. However, they are notorious for using cheap materials and poor-quality workmanship.


Winter is the slowest season for roofing contractors in Tennessee. Snow and ice make replacing roofs dangerous and sometimes impossible. 

The cold temperatures can also impact roofing materials and the ability of your roofing contractor to work. Unfortunately, I’ve seen roofs in Tennessee being replaced in snow and extremely cold temperatures. 

roof being replaced in snowy condtions

I guarantee there will be problems with your roof in the future, and a reputable Tennessee roofing contractor won’t work in these conditions. 

Do you need a roof replacement in Tennessee?

Now you know when you should replace your roof in Tennessee by learning how often a roof needs to be replaced, how to identify the signs, and the best time of year. As I said, you won’t know if you actually need a roof replacement until after an inspection. 

That’s why you need to hire a Tennessee roofer you can trust for an honest assessment. After all, the last thing you want is to be sold a roof you don’t need. 

If you need a roof replacement in Nashville, Tennessee, or Franklin, Brentwood, or a surrounding Middle Tennessee area, let Bill Ragan Roofing provide you with a free roof inspection. 

Since 1990, Bill Ragan Roofing has replaced thousands of roofs in Nashville, Tennessee, and surrounding areas. Our goal is for you to never worry about your roof again, which is why we offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty. 

Contact Us today for a free, no-obligation roof replacement estimate to start the process of getting your beautiful, long-lasting roof. 

If you aren’t in our service area, don’t think we’re the right fit, or just want to explore options, check out 7 Tips to Find a Great Roofing Contractor.

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