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4 Common Upgrades You Can Add to Your Asphalt Roof Replacement

July 2nd, 2021 | 5 min. read

4 Common Upgrades You Can Add to Your Asphalt Roof Replacement

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Every roof has the opportunity to be upgraded in some way. While upgrades scare some homeowners because they’re only thinking about how much it will cost them. 

Adding upgrades to your asphalt roof can add value, roof life and raise your home’s curb appeal. But the truth is, they’re not for everybody. 

Here at Bill Ragan Roofing, our main goal is to help you and other homeowners make the right purchasing decisions. We want you to get exactly what you’re looking for in a roof, both aesthetically and within your budget. 

That’s why we’re going to break down the 4 most common upgrades we see added to asphalt roof replacements. Without further delay, let’s get to it. 

1. Upgrading to a new type of asphalt shingle

There are 3 types of asphalt shingles: 3-tab, dimensional, and luxury. They each offer your roof a different look, and there’s one for every budget. 

types of asphalt shingles

The most common upgrade homeowners choose for their asphalt replacement is going from 3-tab asphalt shingles to dimensional asphalt shingles. The main reason homeowners do this is for the longer lifespan and the extra protection of an enhanced material warranty

Some homeowners still get 3-tab asphalt shingles because they have a really tight budget. However, it honestly doesn’t cost that much to upgrade to dimensional (about 15% more).

Spending that extra money is well worth the extra lifespan and the 50-year non-prorated enhanced material warranty you get from the manufacturer. You can also upgrade your old asphalt shingle to a luxury asphalt shingle if you have the budget and want a slate look. 

But it’s going to be about double the cost of a dimensional shingle roof with the same enhanced warranty and a longer lifespan. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your budget which asphalt shingle you choose and if you even want to do this upgrade. 

2. Getting a different style of roof vents 

Your attic’s ventilation system (passive or active) and your roof vents allow your home to breathe. While both ventilation systems do their job, they come with different styles of roof vents

Some homeowners choose to upgrade their roof vents during an asphalt roof replacement and sometimes their entire ventilation system. The most commonly seen active roof vent upgrade is going from a ridge vent with a baffle to a turbine vent. 

turbine vent

Some people do this because they like the look of turbine vents. But turbine vents also have the advantage of keeping insects, debris, rain, and snow out of your attic, unlike ridge vents. 

box vent

Another common vent upgrade is getting rid of static/box vents (passive) and adding ridge vents with a baffle or turbine vents (active systems).

Even though it changes up the ventilation system by circulating the air multiple times a day instead of relying on heat rising to push air out, it keeps your energy bills down and your upstairs cool consistently. 

3. Choosing an upgraded metal for roof flashing

Roof flashing is a thin metal material that roofers install to direct water away from certain areas (walls, chimneys, roof valleys) of your roof. It’s one of the most crucial roofing components you need on your roof. 

When getting a new roof, some homeowners decide to upgrade the type of metal used for roof flashing. The majority of homeowners stick with the most commonly used roof flashing, prefinished steel

But upgrading to copper is a popular choice for anyone who has or wants a luxury asphalt shingle. Copper raises your home’s curb appeal, and it’s a lifelong material, so you’ll never have to replace it (unless it gets damaged). 

copper flashing on luxury asphalt shingles

This upgrade isn’t going to be for everyone, mostly because it’s a very expensive addition. But if you have a luxury asphalt shingle, it’s a great and worthwhile upgrade as long as you have the budget. 

4. Using metal to accent your asphalt roof

One of the most popular upgrades homeowners add to their asphalt roof replacement is a metal accent for aesthetic and curb appeal reasons. This can be over front porches, side porches, back porches, bay windows, and more. 

metal roof over back porch with asphalt shingle roof

You’ll even be able to pick the color that best accents your home and asphalt roof. But be aware, it’s definitely going to have a big impact on the price of your roof replacement. 

copper metal roof with asphalt shingles

Just like upgrading your flashing to copper, you can also get a copper metal roof system for accent purposes. However, this will be an incredibly expensive purchase that most homeowners don’t have the budget for. 

At the end of the day, it’s up to your budget and the look you want if you want to add metal to your asphalt roof replacement. 

How much will your asphalt roof replacement cost?

Upgrading your asphalt roof is a great way to add curb appeal, value, and even more life to your roof. But keep in mind all of these upgrades impact the price of your roof replacement. 

After deciding which upgrades, if any, you want to add to your asphalt roof replacement, aren’t you curious how much it’ll cost you? Unfortunately, the roofing industry doesn’t like to talk about pricing. 

We take pride in not being like other roofing companies when it comes to educating homeowners like you. That’s why we wrote another article breaking down the cost of an asphalt roof replacement. 

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing provides you and homeowners in the Nashville area with a rare experience in the roofing industry based on honesty, education, and high-quality workmanship. That’s why we’re proud to offer a lifetime warranty to take care of your roof investment if there’s ever a problem. 

Check out How Much a New Asphalt Roof Costs to learn the budget you’ll need for your roof replacement.

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