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4 Things You Need to Do Before Signing a Roofing Contract

February 15th, 2023 | 5 min. read

4 Things You Need to Do Before Signing a Roofing Contract

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A roof replacement is a significant investment. That’s why it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure everything is in order before signing on the dotted line. 

Unfortunately, some homeowners skip this due diligence and sign whatever roofing contract is put in front of them. By doing this, they’re just asking to be taken advantage of by a bad roofer. 

I don’t want this to happen to you or any other homeowner about to invest in a new roof. 

For over 30 years, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has helped homeowners avoid scammy tactics in the roofing industry. Because of this, I’ll break down the main things to do before signing the rights to your roof away. 

Let’s get to the 4 things you need to do before signing a roofing contract. 

1. Get a second opinion

When getting a new roof, it’s always important to get a second opinion. This is especially true before signing your roofing contract.  

By getting multiple estimates, you can compare prices, learn if the work required is correct, and determine which roofing contractor is the right fit for you. For a roof replacement specifically, this is crucial to determine if you actually need a new roof. 

If you get an estimate from only one roofing contractor, you have to take their word on what your roof needs. Let’s say the first roofing contractor says you need a new roof, but two others say you only need repairs. 

Well, if two other companies say you only need repairs, it’s a safe bet that it’s not time for a roof replacement. At the end of the day, getting multiple quotes is about finding a trustworthy contractor. 

Just know that getting multiple roof estimates isn’t about finding the lowest price. This is asking for trouble and puts your roof investment at risk before the work even starts. 

2. Read the fine print on the roofing contract

When getting a contract for any service, you need to read the fine print. Going through your roofing contract’s fine print before signing is no different. 

The fine print on your roofing contract includes crucial information that’ll tell you a lot about a roofing company and how they do things. One of the most important things in a roofing contract’s fine print is how property damage is handled. 

Some roofing companies put in their fine print that they're not responsible for damage to things like your gutters, light fixtures, sprinkler heads, and even things hanging in your home. The fine print also includes exclusions that mainly have to do with protecting your property, like covering your pool and landscaping. 

tarps and other protective measures covering property to prevent damage during a roof replacement

They're leaving out a crucial part of the replacement process if they don’t set up protection for your property. These exclusions are meant to bring down the price of the roofing contractor to beat out their competitors. 

If a roofing contractor has to hide things in their fine print, they’re probably not the most reputable company in your area. 

3. Look for potential red flags in the roofing contract

As you’re going through your roofing contract before signing, it’s important to notice if something isn’t right. Unfortunately, this is hard to spot if you don’t know what to look for. 

Below are five red flags to look out for in a roofing contract:

  • The roofing contract is broken down into line items
  • Hiding the roofing contract’s fine print
  • Your roofing contract only comes with a price
  • Hidden fees that bring the initial roofing contract price down
  • The roofing contract doesn’t include warranty information

Spotting these red flags is the difference between a great experience and getting taken advantage of by a bad roofer. If a roofing contractor isn’t willing to include all relevant information in their contract, they’re probably not looking out for your best interest. 

After all, you’re about to invest a lot of money in a new roof. The least a roofing contractor can do is lay out everything you’re paying for without hiding things. 

4. Go over the roofing contract with the roofing contractor

Everything we’ve already discussed is important to do before signing your roofing contract. But nothing is more important than going over it line-by-line with your roofing contractor. 

Every roofing contractor should offer to sit down and go over every line item, so you know exactly what you’re getting. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns. 

It’s a huge red flag if a roofing contractor isn't willing to do this with you. They should be more than happy to answer your questions and help you understand where your money is going. 

Going over your roofing contract is the best way for a roofing contractor to build the trust needed in the roofing industry. If they aren’t willing to do this with you, don’t even consider signing the contract. 

Learn everything that needs to be included in your roofing contract

Now you know 4 things you need to do before signing your roofing contract. By following the advice in this article, you should have no hesitations about signing a roofing contract from a reputable company. 

But there’s still one more crucial thing to know before signing your roofing contract that warrants its own article. This is what exactly should be included in your roofing contract. 

Knowing these line items helps you understand everything a reputable roofer includes in their estimate. Not only that, but it also breaks down why each is important. 

Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has replaced thousands of roofs in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas. We believe in being upfront with homeowners to help build trust in a hard-to-trust industry. 

Check out What Should Be Included in My Roof Estimate to learn everything that needs to be in your contract before putting your name on the dotted line.

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